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Parents, Grandparents, Teachers past and present even students past and present. Your voice needs to be heard. Please email in your accounts and experiences with your school, it is vital our stories are told. The more accounts we can get in and publish on this site will give further weight to our message. Or if you would like to contact us to assist with the campaign and find out what you can do.

Email us at info@leaveourkidzalone.org

This site is dedicated to informing parents of the immoral and deprived agenda, being perpetrated on our innocent children, by providing access to  resources that are imperative to use, to raise awareness to every morally obliged and protective parent.

The sexualized indoctrination of your children and grandchildren, is an attack on their innocence and also an attack on the moral fabric of our society.

Unbelievably, Governments and politicians enable and encourage this attack on innocence.

The Victorian Education Department is one of the main protagonists in this push to sexually indoctrinate your children, all under the lie and trojan horse of Diversity and Inclusion.

Your rightful concerns are met with contempt and disdain from Principals and Teachers, who are fully aware of what they are implementing and are happy to do so

Are you going to keep accepting this? Your children need you to stand up stronger than ever before.

The intent of this site is to collate and gather as much information as possible, to have as a point of reference for you to increase your awareness and knowledge of the real extent of the situation. Also suggestions of what you can do to push back and stand up for the moral rights of your children.

Are they important enough or are you going to keep accepting?

Over to you…