Please sign our online petition to end the sexualised indoctrination of children in schools in Victoria

We, as concerned parents, grandparents and carers, seek the immediate cease of all sexualised content being taught in Victorian preschools, primary and high schools.

This request is due to the ongoing, overwhelming reports and complaints that are inadequately addressed, at best, or completely ignored by the Principals and teachers in schools in Victoria.

Reports of highly inappropriate content, taught to 10 year old girls, was raised in the Victorian Parliament in 2022 but consequently ignored.

Reports from parents of children, in grade prep, being shown pictures, on television, of genitalia and been asked to name them. This was allowed to proceed without parental knowledge or consent.

This incident, alone, is in breach of Article 18, section 4 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, to which Australia is a signatory.

The sexualised indoctrination of young ,innocent, impressionable minds, along with the LGBTQ+ indoctrination of these same minds, has grown to be a major issue and concern for parents, grandparents and carers, within the community.

As one, who for the last 18 years has worked with both primary and secondary school age children, as a mentor, facilitating life skills programs within the community and in schools, I share and voice parents warranted concerns.

One blatant example being your document Catching on Early Sexuality Education for Primary School, this is aimed at 5 year olds.

No moral society must allow any education, designed with the intent to divide the family’s agreed belief system and unit.

This remains the parent’s right, and only the parent’s right to administer.

Thus only the parents can determine the content and value of the education required by their children.

What we are seeking is the following:

  • An in depth, independent enquiry into the full content being taught.
  • That the sexualised and potentially harmful content taught from Respectful Relationships be removed.
  • All programs that teach sexualised content to children be ceased immediately, pending the results of the independent enquiry.
  • Full transparency as to the qualifications and adequacy, being a sex therapist, of the teachers who are teaching sexualised content to young ,innocent, impressionable children in schools.

We will not be accepting the sexualised content and indoctrination of our children any longer, nor accepting the Victorian Education Department allowing breaches of the ICCPR.