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Gender Transitioning and Parental Consent

Gender Transitioning and Parental Consent

This snapshot is taken from the Victorian Education Department website, for all to view.


Ask yourself, is any of this acceptable on any level?

The site states:

there may be circumstances students wish or need to undertake gender transition without consent of parents or without consulting a medical practitioner


One could make a compelling case this is gross malfeasance on the schools and Victorian Education Department's behalf.

The student support plan mentioned is formulated with the student, the wellbeing officer at the school and usually the school principal or vice principal. Parents are not involved in the process at that stage, nor made aware of it. Parents are informed after this plan has been formulated.

Consent by a parent/carer means that the parent/carer must agree to every component of the support plan. For example if there are 10 points listed as part of this so called support plan and one point is not agreed to, this is considered non-consent by the parent.

Students being considered mature minors, according to the Victorian Education Department site:


Bullet Point 3:

A student can be considered capable of making some decisions but not others.


You need to be 18 to be able to

  • Drive
  • Legally buy cigarettes and/or alcohol
  • To vote

However to start the process to irreparably surgically mutilate their bodies or take drugs that have a dramatic and lasting effect on their bodies, they are capable if the school deems they are:

Mature Minors

Why does the Victorian Education Department think it is healthy to separate parents from children, where our Family Law consider it a necessity to be connected to the parent?

Why does the Victorian Education Department and schools make unlawful judgements about parents ability for what is best for their children?

If you do not agree with what schools and the Victorian Education Department are implementing regarding transgender choices, let them know:

Safe Schools

Victoria Education Department Legal Division

They are indoctrinating your children to make life altering decisions which cannot be reversed. They have a righteous belief that they can go ahead and ignore your wishes/concerns without any legal precedence.


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