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Reflections from a former Principal

Reflections from a former Principal

A former Principal Of Schools and her reflection on the current state of our school system and attack on your children, also the position of YOU as a parent.

Over to you.

When our children are born, what kind of a nest do they find themselves in?

When you hold your child, do you wonder how you can protect their innocence?

When you are so involved in meeting your child’s needs, are you determined to keep them safe?

When you are alerted to any possible danger to your child, are you quick to respond?

Danger is no longer coming from strangers!

Danger surrounds your child every day you send them to school.

Danger is in keeping you uninformed and at arm’s length.

Danger is in restricting your rights as parents.

Danger is in the content teachers force on your child.

You are the first educators of your children. The Education department was not in your home teaching “potty” training or right from wrong in those important early years.

Yet, when your child steps into the Education System, you relinquish all your rights.

Your voice is ignored or silenced with threats

School is no longer a safe place for higher learning.

It has declined into a stalking ground for minority opinions to roam and parade unchecked, uncensured and with minimal denouncement from “YOU” the parents.

The responsibility for all of us is to recognize the truth that surrounds us.

Not in a way that paralyses us, or traps us in a sense of despair, but in a way that is meant to help us recognise and remember our own power.

Carmel ORourke
Retired Principle of Schools

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