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Safe Schools and the War against Children and Parents

Safe Schools and the War against Children and Parents

(from the Culture Watch site, posted April 19, 2018 by Bill Muehlenberg)

Yesterday I wrote about the “Safe Schools” programs against the backdrop of the global sexual revolution sweeping the West. As I documented there, this is not happening by accident, but activist groups are deliberately and militantly pushing all this.

It involves very worrying anti-family, anti-child, anti-morality, and anti-religion elements. The Marxist and cultural Marxist war against these things is being promoted by these activist groups and agendas. See what I wrote there

Here I want to specifically look at the main base of the SS program: La Trobe University in Melbourne, its Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), and four key players. Looking at what these four have said and done should worry every single one of us.

Roz Ward

Ward has very clearly told us that the SS program is ‘not about stopping bullying…but about supporting gender and sexual diversity’. This comes straight out of the horse’s mouth – see this video, which was shot in Melbourne in June 2014.

Ward also admitted that it is all about pushing Marxism in the schools. As Ward proudly stated, ‘I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist, so invite me to your school if you will.’ This quote is from a 2013 Marxism Conference Ward proudly spoke at.

And Ward makes it clear that parents should just butt out of all this: As one report puts it: “A Safe Schools national symposium was told by the program’s Victorian co-ordinator, Roz Ward, that schools could ignore concerns raised about the agenda. ‘When people do complain then school leadership can very calmly and graciously say, “You know what? We’re doing it anyway, tough luck!”’ she told more than 300 attendees.”

This is also from the June 2014 video.

Ward continues to push this anti-parent agenda: “Discussions about gender and sexual diversity are in the Australian curriculum, they’re in the Victorian curriculum and there is no reason why they should need parental consent any more than long division in maths. It undermines the whole purpose of the Safe Schools coalition which is to be inclusive.”


Joel Radcliffe

Radcliffe is another Safe Schools coordinator and co-author of the program. He too is a radical activist, and he too boasts about how these programs can bypass parents: ‘Safe Schools project manager Joel Radcliffe, a fellow academic at La Trobe University, which spawned the program, told a June 2014 audience that “Parents don’t have the power to shut this down”.’ The same links provided above apply here (see the YouTube and Australian links).

And more recently the Andrews’ government gave Radcliffe even more power to target our children. The Australian, February 17, 2017 headline says this: “New role for Safe Schools author Joel Radcliffe”. The article begins:

One of the key players in the Safe Schools program has been appointed to a senior Victorian Education and Training Department position to help to manage the rollout of its similarly contentious Respectful Relationships program. Joel Radcliffe, a former Safe Schools Coalition Victoria co-ordinator who co-wrote its teaching guide with outspoken Marxist activist Roz Ward, was the subject of controversy himself last year when it emerged that he had boasted publicly that parents did not have the power to shut down the so-called anti-bullying program.

Much more can be said about him. If you have Facebook access, this one is a real eye-opener. It shows Radcliffe on his own page proudly singing the praises of the SS program, with a picture of himself. On the wall behind him is a photo of a child, and right beneath it a photo of a man exposing his erect penis. Creepy!

Um, I don’t want people like this teaching my children – and neither should you!

Dr Steven Angelides

If this aberrant interest in children and sexuality sounds a bit off, it gets worse – much worse – with my last two La Trobe academics. There sadly seems to be a paedophile connection here. Let me begin with Dr Steven Angelides and simply feature a number of his quotes on this subject, complete with the references to where they first appeared:

“What to do with the fact that the sexual child, such as N, is not the passive recipient of the adult gaze or adult sexuality. Often she looks back, speaks back, touches back, and indeed initiates and colludes with adults, not to mention often strips for them or has sex with them voluntarily (with or without parental consent).”

http://www.lambdanordica.se/wp-content/uploads/2011-23-Angelides-Panics.pdf “What’s behind sex panics? The Bill Henson scandal” Angelides, S. (2011). What’s Behind Child Sex Panics? The Bill Henson Scandal. LAMBDA NORDICA (Sweden), Issue 2, pp 101-125.

“What to do with the fact that the sexual child, such as N, is not the passive recipient of the adult gaze or adult sexuality. Often she looks back, speaks back, touches back, and indeed initiates and colludes with adults, not to mention often strips for them or has sex with them voluntarily (with or without parental consent).”

A chapter in Erogene Gefahrenzonen (Erogenous Danger Zones), 2013. Angelides, S. (2013) The Uncanny Sexual Child. In Insa Haertel, ed., Erogene Gefahrenzonen: Aktuelle Produktionen des (infantilen) Sexuellen (Erogenous Danger Zones: Effective Productions of the (Infantile) Sexual). Berlin: Kulturverlag Kadmos.

“There is research to show that, as well as feeling a sense of power and control in sexual encounters with adults, children can frequently experience sexual pleasure … It is imperative that children’s sexual desires and sense of power and pleasure not only be recognised but also normalised.”

“Sex and the Child.” Meanjin, Volume 63, Issue 4, 2004.

“The problem is that our culture demands that any eroticized parent-child emotions and any overt childhood sexual desire remain unexpressed. We simply do not have a language to speak childhood sexuality, let alone a language to articulate the erotic bond between children and parents. These topics are taboo. We are not even expected to talk about them, let alone admit to having such desires. But without a language to work through these prohibited desires, the grief, guilt, and shame they engender remain unresolved. And this only intensifies the original trauma of infantile sexuality. How do we then deal with these highly intense and inarticulable incestuous and pedophilic desires?”

“Historicizing affect, psychoanalyzing history: pedophilia and the discourse of child sexuality,” Journal of Homosexuality 46(1-2):79-109 · February 2003 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/8617570_Historicizing_affect_psychoanalyzing_history_pedophilia_and_the_discourse_of_child_sexuality


Angelides, S. The Fear of Child Sexuality (under contract), University of Chicago Press. Angelides, S. (2001) A History of Bisexuality. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.” https://www.latrobe.edu.au/arcshs/staff/staff-profile?uname=SAngelides

Dr Gary Dowsett

Gary Dowsett is a longstanding homosexual activist and the deputy director of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University, where the Safe Schools Coalition project originated. He has unashamedly advocated for pedophilia and its legalisation. Consider a 1982 article by Dr Dowsett, published in Gay Information which spoke to this. In it he said:

“And I also have a friend, a paedophile, who is working very hard on making sense out of his relations with boys. These relations consist of, among other things, a large amount of nurture and support for these boys, a real caring for their welfare and growth… So what is the problem?” (p. 35)

“First, we have three legal/social questions to win: custody rights for gay men and lesbians; the legal right of paedophiles and their young loves; and finally, the sexual rights of children as a whole….” (p. 35)

“The current paedophilia debate then is crucial to the political processes of the gay movement: paedophiles need our support, and we need to construct the child/adult sex issue on our terms.” (p. 36)

“Our new kinds of arrangements collectively create a new politics of child/adult relations. Is this a bit of gay chauvinism, gay pride, a fond idealistic hope? Maybe, but since when have we too regarded pride as a sin?” (p. 38)

Gary Dowsett, “Boiled Lollies and Bandaids,” Gay Information: A Quarterly Journal, Spring 1982, issue no. 11, pp. 34-38. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9zGmvTCoD74RHhiNHVUa3BOc1k/view

Until recently the link to this article proudly appeared on his La Trobe University resume page. I saw it there myself. But now, due to public concern, it has been taken down. The first link offers the latest page, while the second link offers the original page with it in:



Also, in his 1996 PhD thesis, “Practicing Desire: Homosexual Sex in the Era of AIDS,” Dowsett describes “sexual encounters of various kinds” between “adolescent (and occasionally younger) boys” … “and to a lesser degree, with men, in and outside family life. This homosexual activity is more commonplace and normal, even worthy of being thought of as altruistic.” Dowsett, Gary, W., (1996), “Practicing Desire: Homosexual Sex in the Era of AIDS,” Stanford CA: Stanford University Press. http://newsweekly.com.au/issue.php?id=447

I like how one commentator, Christopher Akehurst, put it: “A pity that Dowsett is not a Catholic priest: that would wake them out of their torpor. Instead, he is only a priest of the New Sexuality, but that’s enough to protect him. He’s on the right side.” “Immoral relativity,” Spectator, 26 March 2016. https://www.spectator.com.au/2016/03/immoral-relativity/

In March 2016 Liberal Nationals MP George Christensen used parliamentary privilege to accuse the Safe Schools program of being linked to a “paedophilia advocate,” Dowsett from La Trobe University. So how did the University respond to these allegations? Did they fire him immediately, or profusely apologise, or seek his retraction?

No, a statement was issued by a spokesman from La Trobe: “We are appalled that a respected academic has been attacked using parliamentary privilege. This is a blatant attempt to distract attention from the independent endorsement of the highly effective Safe Schools program. We stand by the important work of Professor Dowsett and his team.” http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-03-16/george-christensen-links-safe-schools-program-to-paedophilia/7252476

As mentioned, these are four of the major players all closely involved in the “Safe Schools” programs, and all have very nasty anti-family, anti-parent, and anti-child ideas. It seems that some of these ideas can be described as nothing other than a defense of paedophilia.

Our children and grandchildren should NOT be getting their understanding of human sexuality – or anything else for that matter – from these radical activists and sexual militants. Parents, be warned.


In my previous article on this topic I mentioned various activist organisations which have close links and are all pushing this sexual anarchy. I mentioned two key groups, IASSCS and ARCSHS. The latter is the La Trobe University one. Many of the folks mentioned here are involved in a number of these other groups. For example, Dowsett is (was) a board member of IASSCS. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#inbox/162d7bdc06d31858?projector=1&messagePartId=0.1

A few years back these two major groups established SexualityStudies.net. This is how they describe themselves:

SexualityStudies.net is a website for people engaged in the study of human sexuality – researchers, teachers, students and those working in the field. Our aim is to provide a hub for the community of people working in this area to interact, share information and engage critically with key questions concerning sexuality studies.

This site is the product of an ongoing project to develop an international short course in sexuality theory and research methodologies. The project is housed at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), La Trobe University and is run in partnership with the International Association for the Study of Sexuality Culture and Society (IASSCS). The project and this website have been funded by the Ford Foundation. http://web.archive.org/web/20120516081700/http://sexualitystudies.net/content/sexuality-and-christianity

Among the numerous institutions it lists are:

This particular web name no longer seems to be current. I assume they simply morphed into other extant groups. More investigations will be forthcoming on all this. The various connections and networking is very ominous indeed. These are not isolated individuals and organisations, but well-connected and networked bodies working together to push their very radical agendas.

Thus we have our hands full as parents and concerned citizens as we seek to protect our children and preserve their innocence from these well-heeled and well-connected activists.

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