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The Attack on Young Innocent Minds

The Attack on Young Innocent Minds

This has been a carefully orchestrated plan and attack by the Victorian Education Department on young impressionable minds, who are still learning and formulating their identity. To be bombarded with content of a sexual nature all under the trojan horse of Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Commence sexually indoctrinating your children from the ages of pre-school and prep, under the banner of "Diversity and Inclusion"
  • Continue with the indoctrination, with inappropriate sexual questions and teachings, that confuses young and impressionable minds towards puberty. Normalising sexual behaviour at a very young age.
  • Isolate the parents’ involvement and limit the knowledge and transparency of such education.
  • Continue with the indoctrination that confuses young and impressionable minds entering puberty.
  • Puberty is a crisis point for impressionable minds.
  • Confusion, plus needing to be accepted, equals choices that cannot be reversed.
  • Desensitise. Making all choices “okay” regardless of consequences to Mental and Physical wellbeing – e.g., mutilation of body parts.

Transgender status, at school, is now elevated and considered special. It’s a strong signal to send a young person, who is already feeling less important and overlooked. Popularity and being elevated on the social ladder, tempts the indecisive to be persuaded towards a minority agenda.

Remember Steven Angelides ( La Trobe University ) from a Journal titled Sex and the Child in 2004 quotes this:

It is imperative that children’s sexual desires and sense of power and pleasure not only be recognised but also normalised.

Angelidies is one of the people responsible for Safe Schools/Respectful Relationships, this is just one of many links to pedophilia and the Safe Schools Project. More information can be found in this article on this site.

This depraved game plan has been implemented by The Victorian Education Department, using the Safe Schools/Respectful Relationships umbrella as the vehicle to drive this sick agenda.

If you have any issues with this agenda, please contact the Minister for Education, Minister for Children, Steven Angelides or the Victorian Education Department at the following links.

Victorian Minister for Education

Minister for Education Ben Carroll MP
473 Keilor Road Niddrie Victoria 3042
PO Box 554 Niddrie VIC 3042

Ministerial office
Level 3, 1 Treasury Place East Melbourne VIC 3002

Victorian Minister for Children

Minister for Children Lizzie Blandthorn MP
75 Victoria Street Seddon Victoria 3011

Ministerial office
Level 22 50 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Steven Angelides

Safe Schools

Victoria Education Department Legal Division

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